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Catering to the Educational Needs of Gifted Rural Youth of Andhra Pradesh

Roles & Responsibilities of Department Placement Coordinator/Nominee (D.P.N)

Pre-Recruitment (Internship/Placements) responsibilities
Conduct awareness sessions on rules & regulations (RGUKT Nuzvid) of placements, long-term internship and summer internships.
Monitor CDPC activities such as training, Pre-Placement Talks (PPT) and engage the students on career development related activities.
Coordinate between the department concerned (students, faculty and etc.,) and the CDPC.
Search for potential recruiters, visiting the companies (if needed after getting due permissions from University authorities).
Strengthen the Academic-Industry relations by organizing Invited talks, Workshops, Hands-on programs.
Involvement in Registration process
Inform and encourage (motivate) students to register for campus drives as and when required. CDPC will circulate company -wise notifications to the D.P.Ns.
During recruitment responsibilities (Placements/Internships)
Present during the written test/interviews for enhancing the student’s motivational levels.
Post Recruitment responsibilities (Placements/Internships)
  • Coordinate between the industry & concern long-term internship students in performing the due academic assignments/work at internship location with the help of department (concerned).
  • Perform the review on students’ performance in various placement activities like written test/G.D/personal interviews based on the data available with the CDPC.
  • Initiate measures for enhancing the students’ skills based on the review at departmental level after due consultation with the departmental HOD.
  • Initiate disciplinary action (if any) against the student who involved in misconduct/absent during the placement activities based on the disciplinary committee recommendations & CDPC rules and regulation.

More About CDPC

  CDPC is responsible for handling Career Development, Placement and Internship related activities. Faculty-Incharge, Departmental placement Faculty Co-ordinators, Placement Office and Student Representatives manage various activities related to CDPC.


: 0866-243534

: 0866-243533

: tnpnpc@rgukt.in

: cdpc@rguktn.ac.in

: CDPC Office, First Floor F7,
      I3 Building, RGUKT Nuzvid